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Popular Cardiff nightclub allowed to host Mardi Gras event despite residents’ concerns

Cardiff County Hall (pic: Google Maps)

A POPULAR Cardiff nightclub has been given permission to hold a Mardi Gras street party this year despite the concerns of neighbours about noise.

Pulse in Churchill Way has had a licence to host a Mardi Gras event for years.

However, it was asked to apply for a new licence which would alleviate concerns raised by South Wales Police about people under the influence of alcohol entering the water in the newly exposed canal.

A number of residents who live at Landmark Place, also in Churchill Way, objected to the plans in the “strongest possible terms”, raising concerns over potential excessive noise and anti-social behaviour.

One resident wrote: “Churchill Way is a residential area.

“Cardiff Council saw fit to approve planning permission for many hundreds of apartments and there are several hotels in close proximity to the aforementioned nightclub.

“Therefore, there are many bedroom windows within feet of the area where late-night (or all-night) drinking, music, dancing and entertainment… would be allowed to take place.”

Pride Cymru in Cardiff will take place on the weekend of Saturday, June 22, this year. Pulse’s Mardi Gras street party is an after party event proposed to take place on the same day.

The licence in respect of Pulse, approved by Cardiff Council’s licensing sub-committee meeting on Wednesday, May 22, will allow people to buy and drink alcohol on and off the premises on the weekend of the street party.

It will also allow the premises to be open on the weekend of the event from 11am to 4.30am (Saturday) and 11am to midnight (Sunday).

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Applicant Canal Quarter PLH Ltd were represented by the law firm TLT LLP at the licensing sub-committee meeting.

Matthew Phipps, of TLT, said complaints about potential noise and anti-social behaviour were not a fair assessment of the event as there was nothing in the representations to evidence this having taken place before.

He also called residents’ description of the area as a residential area an unfair assessment, adding that it was “at best” a mixed residential and commercial area.

Mr Phipps said the conditions in place for the licence were comprehensive and that there would be a number of measures to prevent disorder, like CCTV and security staff.

Another resident wrote to the council: “We have lived at Landmark Place Churchill Way Cardiff for 15 years and during this time have witnessed the ever increasing noise and antisocial and some times disgusting behaviour caused by the opening of several pubs in Churchill Way- with yet another pub opening in about 6 months time on the very corner of our apartment block.

“There appears to be a complete failure by the council to recognise that residents of Landmark Place are entitled to enjoy continual peace and quiet enjoyment of their homes and an application for a Mardi Gras Street Party in Churchill Way is just a step too far.”

Plans were approved last year for the former Star Chinese Restaurant on Churchill Way to be converted into a pub.

Mr Phipps said Pulse was not a pub and reiterated that there were measures in place to ensure the Mardi Gras event was properly regulated.

He said: “Each application is determined on its individual merits. Respectfully to the residents that have objected, this is a good application. It is an improved licence.”

When asked by a licensing sub-committee member what measures were in place to stop people bringing alcohol to the party from outside, Mr Phipps said: “There is a fence around the whole place and the only way you get in is through our searching procedure.

“Nobody is permitted to bring in alcohol.”