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Cardiff Community Education South Wales

Pupil from Ysgol Y Wern wins Wales-Wide art competition

A YOUNG artist from Ysgol Y Wern in Llanishen, has triumphed in a Wales-wide art competition, bringing pride to their school and community.

The competition, launched by Castell Howell, Cardiff’s nominated school’s catering supplier, invited primary school pupils from across the country to create artwork depicting their ideal summer holiday in Wales and saw an overwhelming response from more than 3000 budding artists.

The competition encouraged students to create drawings depicting activities they would enjoy during their summer holidays in Wales. From coastal adventures to exploring urban and rural landmarks, the entries celebrated the diverse attractions of the country.

Seth, age 9 from Ysgol Y Wern, captured the essence of Welsh tourism with a vibrant and imaginative drawing which now features prominently on a 16-tonne Castell Howell lorry along with Seth’s name and school, ensuring that the artwork receives widespread visibility.

Seth has also been awarded an iPad and a generous £2,500 investment for their school.

Headteacher Moira Kellaway said: “The competition enabled us to celebrate Seth’s remarkable talent as a budding artist and his winning design certainly brought a smile to his classmates’ faces here at Ysgol y Wern.

“It was an utter joy to see Seth’s reaction on seeing the lorry enter the school yard and we were immediately drawn to his great dynamic image.”

Castell Howell’s School Lorry Art Competition has a history of engaging children in creative activities with previous competitions seeing £10,000 donated across four winning primary schools, making a significant impact on local communities.

Matt Lewis, Managing Director of Castell Howell said: “Selecting a winner from the thousands of entries wasn’t easy, but Seth’s design really stood out to us. We loved the bright, colourful and beautifully drawn illustration that truly captured what Wales has to offer.”

“The Schools Design a Lorry competition is always a pleasure to hold, and the standard of entries keeps getting better every year. It’s great to see so many children from across the country get involved in the competition.”

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Cardiff Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Education, Cllr Sarah Merry said: “Seth’s artwork stands out for its creativity and representation of the beauty and diversity of Wales and is a testament to the vibrant imagination and artistic talent of our city’s children and young people.

“We have worked with Castell Howell for more than eight years and we are grateful for this fantastic opportunity which involves children and encourages them to foster a sense of pride and connection to their heritage. The award not only benefits Seth personally, but also supports Ysgol Y Wern in enhancing their facilities which can be enjoyed by pupils and staff at the school.

“Congratulations to Seth, we look forward to seeing his artwork as it travels across the country.”