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Blaenangwent South Wales

Drivers warned as police launch campaign to target dangerous driving

GWENT POLICE is joining other forces to remind motorists of the dangers of driving while using a mobile phone.

Throughout February, police forces across the country are participating in a national campaign to crack down on those using their phone behind the wheel and educate drivers.

Known as one of the fatal five, the leading causes of serious injury or fatality on our roads, driving while using a mobile phone reduces reaction time and distracts drivers.

Motorists caught using a mobile phone can receive up to six points on their licence and fines of up to £200.

Chief Inspector Martyn Smith said: “Keeping the roads across Gwent safe is a priority of all our officers, but it should also be a priority for all motorists.

“Only by working together can we ensure that communities are safe places to live and work.

“Our message is clear – driving while using a mobile is dangerous, it puts drivers, passengers and pedestrians lives at risk.”

There are other lead contributors to road collisions, including driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, not wearing a seatbelt and careless driving.

Chief Inspector Martyn Smith continued: “The fatal five are a deadly combination, often as a result of poor decision making and can result in life changing consequences.

“Ignoring any one of these lead contributors is not acceptable, we need drivers to work with us, and operate their vehicle with care and attention.”

Over the next month, Gwent Police officers will be carrying out enhanced enforcement activities to detect drivers breaking the law and take swift action to issue fixed penalty notices.

To find out more about road safety visit: Road safety | Gwent Police