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Major fire breaks out in Greggs in Cardiff city centre

EMERGENCY services were called to St John Street this morning (Oct 26) after a fire broke out at Greggs. 

The emergency services were alerted to the fire at 8.08am. The fire service confirmed that several crews were in attendance. 

Four fire engines and the police arrived at the scene of the incident at approximately 8.10am. Fortunately, no one was injured and the fire was extinguished by 8.30am. 

One police officer claimed the fire originated in the basement of the bakery, and a Cardiff Council officer believes it was an electrical fire. 

Pontypridd fire station manager, Mike Evans, said: “We were called at 8.08am and attended with four water ladders. The fire has been brought under control. We’re waiting for electrics to be isolated. As soon as that’s done we’ll be leaving the scene. The fire was brought under control at 8.30am. Nobody has been hurt. At the moment we’re just monitoring but the incident should be concluded in the next few hours.”

A cordon was put in place from Greggs to Starbucks as highway engineers used a digger to isolate the electrics. 

A police officer on the scene said: “They can’t isolate the electrics so they’re having to call in a specialised digging team. It will be about two hours before the route reopens.”

The National Grid arrived at the scene of the incident with three vehicles. The National Grid have said they currently do not know the cause of the fire.

They also said they were in the process of disconnecting electrics to make the area safe, so that the fire department can determine the origin of the incident.

By 12.40pm, the cordon had been reduced to just Greggs, allowing adjacent businesses to reopen and conduct normal business.