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Childminder given permission to operate from home in Chepstow

A CHILDMINDER has been given permission to operate from her home – after complaints were made during a previous planning application. 

Jane Wilson was given the go-ahead to link a double garage to her home at 75 St Lawrence Park, a residential estate in Chepstow, and add dormer roof to create a ‘granny flat’ by Monmouthshire council in July. 

But as the county council assessed that application various complaints were made that Ms Wilson’s childminding business was operating without planning permission. 

Council officers then considered whether a change of use permission was required resulting in an application for mixed use consent to cover residential and childminding. 

It was put before the council’s September planning committee due to the number of objections received and councillors were told the business has two members of staff, which includes Ms Wilson who also lives at the address, and cares for six children, thought this can be more during school holidays or due to exceptional circumstances.  

The service is registered as a childcare provider and licensed for up to 10 youngsters. 

Chepstow Mount Pleasant Conservative councillor Paul Pavia, who recorded a video presentation for the committee, said similar to the extension approved in July the application was “delicate and contentious”. 

He acknowledged concerns from neighbours over parking but added there were also a “large number of supportive comments” from parents who use the service. 

The council’s website shows 29 objections were received by the council with 72 comments made in support. 

A letter of support was also submitted by the council’s cabinet member for education, Martyn Groucutt, who said the number of childminders in the county has reduced in recent years while the council has a legal duty to ensure there are sufficient numbers. 

Planning officer Adam Foote in his report said there are no restrictions on parking on the close and on-street parking can take place regardless of how the properties are used. But he told the committee as a parking plan has been submitted it gives the council “greater control” to ensure it is followed. 

The application was approved with 12 members of the committee supporting it.