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Monmouthshire 20mph Speed limit now live

THE latest set of 20mph speed limits in Monmouthshire have come into force this week. 

The town of Monmouth is now covered by the lower limit, which has been applied community-wide, following a decision in January by Monmouthshire County Council. The new limit is also in force in areas of the Wyesham ward since Thursday, February 9. 

The county’s Severnside area, including Caldicot, and parts of Abergavenny were among seven pilot areas across Wales where the 20mph limit for built-up areas was trialled last year before the Senedd agreed it should become the default residential speed limit in every part of Wales. 
That will mean from September 17 this year, where there is street lighting on a road and no speed limit signs, drivers will have to assume the speed limit is 20mph rather than 30mph as at present.   

But Monmouthshire has agreed to bring forward the new limit in some areas ahead of the law changing in September, while it also identified rural villages where the lower limit will apply despite the road layout not meeting the criteria for the maximum legal speed defaulting to 20mph. 
A council spokesperson has confirmed the lower limit is now in force across Monmouth and the Wyesham area while it will also be extended community wide in Usk and several Wye Valley villages later this summer. 

The spokesperson said: “We can confirm the 20mph speed limit is now live throughout Monmouth and Wyesham. The remaining areas in Monmouthshire will be completed by summer this year. 
“This work has been completed in advance of the Welsh Government’s national 20mph rollout due to be completed in the autumn of this year. At that time 20mph will become the default residential speed limit across all of Wales.” 

Ahead of the speed limit changing in September neighbouring Torfaen Borough Council has identified which roads will retain a 30mph speed limit while a decision in November last year restored the faster limit in parts of Monmouthshire where highways officers said exceptions could apply.