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New Gwent Police station has ambitious newt plans

A PLAN to encourage newts to move into the grounds of a new Gwent Police station, and to protect any that do, has been agreed. 

Construction work started last year on a new police station on the outskirts of Abergavenny near the A465 Heads of the Valleys road at Llanfoist. 

Planning permission granted in October 2022 included a condition measures to prevent incidental injury, capture or killing of great crested newts be agreed with Monmouthshire County Council.  

Surveys found no evidence of the European protected species at the site but enhancements were suggested to aid amphibian species. 

Construction workers will be trained to spot any and they will have to inform management and an ecologist will also be told. 

Daily checks will take place with weekly detailed inspections, paying particular attention to water courses, and litter picks. 

Drainage excavations will be left with a 45 degree slope so any wildlife can make their own way out but where that isn’t possible wildlife ladders will have to be fitted.