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Stone barn rebuild (NIB) near Monmouth

A DERELICT stone barn is to be rebuilt to store hay and straw, as well as some agricultural machinery, at a farm near Monmouth.

No planning permission is required as the barn, which will measure 18 metres long and 6.8m wide, is an agricultural building. It will be 6.5m tall at its highest point and Monmouthshire County Council’s planning department, which had to consider a prior notification application, has said it is “reasonably required” for agricultural purposes meaning the proposals are acceptable.

The natural sandstone and concrete building with timber cladding will be sited away from the existing Old Hendre Farm complex at Old Hendre Road in The Hendre on a site historically used for farm buildings. The barn will be more than 25m from the nearest road and will not be used to house livestock or slurry, according to the application.

There is no track leading to the barn at present and a further prior notification application would be required to lay one.