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Tree removal in conservation area given go-ahead

A council has said this tree in St Arvans can be felled (Pic: Monmouthshire County Council planning file)

PLANNERS have given the go-ahead for a tree towering over a house in a conservation area to be removed. 

Jonathan Stone asked for permission to fell the “multi-trunk” tree beside his home in Grange Road, St Arvans as its crown is in contact with the roof, gutter and an overhead electricity cable. 

The tree isn’t protected but permission was needed as it is in the conservation area. 

Mr Stone has also been given permission to remove its stump has he believes it is causing a blockage of a drain. 

He told Monmouthshire County Council the house had been vacant for around 12 years and the tree, which he believes may be a leylandii, as he said it has “become too large for its location/position.”