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Candidates for Brecon, Radnor and Cwm Tawe Constituency in the 2024 General Election

AS the UK general election approaches on July 4, 2024, the new constituency of Brecon, Radnor and Cwm Tawe is set for a competitive race. Following boundary changes aimed at equalising voter numbers across constituencies, this new seat amalgamates parts of Brecon and Radnorshire with segments from the Neath constituency.

Fay Jones – Welsh Conservative Party
Fay Jones, the incumbent MP for the previous Brecon and Radnorshire seat, is standing for the Welsh Conservative Party. Jones has focused her campaign on strengthening local economies, enhancing rural healthcare, and maintaining robust agricultural policies. She has been active in engaging with constituents through town hall meetings and social media platforms, aiming to retain her seat with a continued emphasis on Conservative values of economic stability and public service improvements.

David Chadwick – Welsh Liberal Democrats
David Chadwick is representing the Welsh Liberal Democrats. His campaign is centered on education reform, healthcare improvement, and strong environmental policies. Chadwick has been particularly vocal about the need for better support for local schools and renewable energy projects. His approach includes extensive door-to-door canvassing and participation in community events to highlight the Liberal Democrats’ commitment to progressive change.

Matthew Dorrance – Welsh Labour Party
Matthew Dorrance is the Welsh Labour Party candidate, focusing on social equity, improved public services, and enhanced infrastructure. Dorrance has advocated for increased funding for local hospitals, better public transportation links, and more affordable housing. He has been actively involved in local activism and community meetings, presenting Labour as the party for working people and social justice.

Emily Durrant-Munro – Plaid Cymru
Emily Durrant-Munro stands for Plaid Cymru, promoting Welsh independence, cultural preservation, and sustainable development. Durrant-Munro has been engaging with local communities to discuss Plaid Cymru’s vision of a self-sufficient and autonomous Wales. Her campaign activities include cultural events and policy forums to strengthen local identity and economic resilience.

Jonathan Harrington – Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party
Jonathan Harrington represents the Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party. His campaign is focused on dissolving the Welsh Assembly, arguing for streamlined governance and reducing bureaucratic overheads. Harrington has been reaching out to constituents through public debates and media appearances, presenting his case for a more centralized UK governance model.

Adam Hill – Reform UK
Adam Hill is the candidate for Reform UK, advocating for significant changes in immigration policies, public spending, and national security. Hill’s campaign is built around the themes of national sovereignty and reforming the UK’s relationship with international bodies. He has been using social media and local rallies to communicate his vision for a reformed and independent UK.

Ammi Kaur-Dhaliwal – Green Party
Ammi Kaur-Dhaliwal represents the Green Party, focusing on environmental protection, social equality, and sustainable living. Kaur-Dhaliwal’s campaign highlights the importance of addressing climate change through local initiatives and promoting green energy solutions. Her campaign includes community workshops and educational events to promote environmental awareness and action.

Lady Lily The Pink – The Official Monster Raving Loony Party
Lady Lily The Pink is the candidate for The Official Monster Raving Loony Party. Known for their humorous and unconventional approach to politics, her campaign includes satirical policies designed to highlight and critique current political issues. Her presence in the race adds a unique and entertaining dynamic to the election.

As election day nears, these candidates are ramping up their efforts to win over voters in the newly formed constituency. Each candidate brings distinct policies and perspectives, reflecting the diverse political landscape of Brecon, Radnor and Cwm Tawe.

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