THE BILINGUAL sign in The Highlands, Skewen was labelled as “Ucheldiroedd yr Alban” which translates to “The Scottish Highlands”.Despite Skewen in Neath Port Talbot and The Scottish Highlands being almost 500 miles apart and a 9 hour car journey. 

“It’s incredible that no-one spotted the problem. It’s actually quite neglectful,” said Angela Jones, who is a volunteer at The Tea Shed, a community hub which brought attention to the error.

A spokesman for Neath Port Talbot council said it was removed as soon as the mistake was spotted and a replacement was being ordered.

“The translation was carried out by translators who work regularly for the council. They have apologised for the error,” said the spokesperson.

The translators have apologised for their mistake and have said that the signs would be replaced, according to officials.