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Car enthusiast left speechless after phone call saying he won his dream car

CRAIG Hardaker from Newport was left speechless after receiving a phone call from Dream  Car Giveaways during the live draw to say he won a GT3 RS or a life-changing cash sum  of £275,000 Tax Free Cash. 

Craig, along with his friend arrived at Dream Car Giveaway’s unit the following week and  were both greeted by Simon Bucknell and the crew along with the hidden GT3 RS that he  won. 

When Craig arrived he went on to explain “I was sat there Sunday evening looking at a  GT3 RS obviously not being able to afford it but was dreaming saying ‘I’d love one of  them one day’ and then you rang me, what are the chances”. 

After chatting with Simon, Craig sat in his brand new car with a smile on his face and  said “You can’t describe the feeling of winning your dream car, I suppose you just have  to feel it”. Craig has said that he only entered for the GT3 RS because it was his dream  car but never expected that he would be the lucky winner. 

“Winning a Porsche is enough to make anyone’s day but the team at Dream Car  Giveaways were so well organised with great communication through the whole  process. Meeting the team on the day showed they were a top bunch of lads and proper  car enthusiasts themselves” Craig said. 

After much debate Craig decided he couldn’t take the cash alternative as it was a once  in a lifetime opportunity to own a GT3 RS. The GT3 RS was no ordinary win either, just  1,200 miles on the clock, 0-60 in just 3 seconds and in stunning Shark Blue Paintwork. 

“Before I found out I was the winner of the GT3 RS I sold my C63 to start a business and  pull all my money into it and now this has happened”Craig went on to tell Simon. The  day ended with Craig driving off in his very own GT3 RS that he won for less than £20, the  whole team at Dream Car Giveaways wished him well for the future. 

Craig has now been added to their list of over 10,000+ winners since the business’ inception back in 2018 and a whopping £96,000,000+ in prizes given out to winners. 

Dream Car Giveaways now hand over dozen of keys to dream luxury cars to people a  week and offer countless competitions from as little as 79p, with regular free  competitions.