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Green party criticises social care cuts

Gwenllian Davies, Wales' Oldest Woman 191015

The COUNCIL’S proposed budget cuts are a “devastating blow” to some of the city’s most vulnerable people, Newport’s Green Party councillor has said.

Earlier this month, Newport City Council cabinet members approved the draft budget proposal for 2023/24, which sets out how the council is going to spend its money from April.

The proposals include £3.75 million of ‘savings’ – or cuts – to social services, which Cllr Lauren James has criticised.

Cllr Lauren James

The savings will come from changes to staffing in both children and adult services, cuts to day care services, and changes those with learning disabilities.

Cllr James, who represents Shaftesbury, said: “Children and adult services are already on a knife edge, yet they are bearing the brunt of the council’s proposed cuts.

“This is essential preventative support and cutting it will put greater burden on our already overstretched schools, health and police services.

“Newport could see an increase in children in care, people in poor health, antisocial behaviour and crime if the council withdraw these lifelines. These services must be protected.”