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Newport Saracens RFC bids to retain ground facilities after ‘remarkable growth’

NEWPORT Saracens RFC has applied to keep its temporary changing rooms and clubhouse for another 10 years, following the club’s “remarkable growth and development”.

The city council granted planning permission in 2014 for the club to use a series of shipping-style containers at its home ground, on the edge of Maesglas.

But that deal is due to expire this month, and the club has reapplied to keep the facilities for 10 more years, arguing it will help Saracens continue to develop young players.

Club official Thomas James, in his application to the council, said several improvements had been over the past decade.

“Since the initial licence was granted, Newport Saracens has witnessed remarkable growth and development,” Mr James said. “We are proud to announce the establishment of our mini and junior sections, which now welcome 50 to 75 children every week. Through these initiatives, we provide a safe and nurturing environment for young athletes to learn and play sports, contributing positively to our community.”

Mr James said Newport Saracens had “diligently adhered to all conditions stipulated in the original application” for the ground’s facilities, and the club’s “commitment to fostering strong relationships with local residents remains unwavering”. 

He added: “Through self-funded investments, we have significantly improved the condition of our site, enhancing both its aesthetics and functionality. The extension of this licence is crucial for the continued success and sustainability of Newport Saracens club. It not only supports our mission of providing sporting opportunities to the youth but also reinforces our dedication to being responsible stewards of our community.”

The application is currently out for public consultation, and can be viewed on the Newport City Council website under reference 24/0480.