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Running of Treforest day centre transferred to Pontypridd Foodbank

Riverside Day Centre In Treforest (Pic: Google Maps)

THE running of a Treforest day centre has been transferred to a foodbank to allow it to sustain and develop the support it provides as it bids to reduce the number and re-occurrences of residents reaching crisis point.

A community asset transfer has been agreed between Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) Council and Pontypridd Foodbank on a 25-year lease relating to the Riverside Day Centre in Nile Street in the town.

The service run by the foodbank has operated at the centre since October 2021 via a “tenancy at will” agreement with representatives of Pontypridd Area Ministry Council.

In 2022-23 the foodbank provided support to more than 5,928 people, a rise of 13.07% from the previous year, which meant 53,300 meals were provided.

A costed business plan was submitted by Pontypridd Foodbank for the proposed leasehold transfer of Riverside Day Centre to enable the group to sustain and develop further the food support and multi-agency wrap around support to reduce the number and re-occurrences of residents reaching crisis point.

Having a building which could accommodate their growing service needs is essential as their service was previously housed in a number of temporary locations, a council report said.

At a community asset transfer panel in August last year it was recommended to approve the lease because Pontypridd Foodbank have been operating from Riverside Day Centre since October 2021.

The council report said even though Pontypridd Foodbank is a newly-established charity they are governed by seven founding trustees while they added the foodbank had strong support from a number of key partners and funders and are also looking at future developments such as implementing community pantry opportunities to sustain their services.

And the panel said the foodbank also contributed to the council’s priority of reducing waste and in 2023 redistributed more than three tonnes of fresh food.

Pontypridd Foodbank will remain part of the Trussell Trust network.
There will be no ongoing cost implications to the council associated with the leasehold transfer of the centre.

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The foodbank will be responsible for all future capital and revenue costs associated with the operation of the building which will include repair, maintenance and statutory compliance responsibilities.

The foodbank has agreed to pay an annual service level agreement and the council will continue to carry out periodic and annual statutory compliance checks.

The lease transfer will enable Pontypridd Foodbank to lever in external funding sources that the council would not be eligible for in order to maintain and extend the lifespan of this “much-valued community asset,” the report said.