AN Aberdare Community School pupil called Jessica Casey has achieved a higher IQ score on a Mensa test than the projected scores of both Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.

Jessica, who achieved the maximum score possible, was, according to her mum, reading by the age of one and dividing numbers at age three.

The Aberdare pupil’s results have made her a member of the elite Mensa society with a score that puts her in the top 1% of the population.

Jessica, a year eight pupil who has only recently turned 13, played down her efforts and said she didn’t need to practice before the test, she did say that she was very pleased with the results.

Harrison Casey, her older brother who is now 15, got the same score when he took the test at the age of 12.

Jessica, who never missed a day at school until the pandemic stopped lessons across the country, says her favourite topics are English and art but is in top set for every other subject.

When she’s not working towards the 14 GCSEs she’s looking to sit, Jessica likes to read and listen to music.

”It’s fine, I guess, being in Mensa. I’m quite a relaxed person,” said Jessica.

”I didn’t have to revise for it. It’s pattern recognition and things like that.

”I just seem to remember things.”

Jessica went on to say that she can’t compare herself to Hawking or Einstein as they never took a Mensa test, 162 is, however, higher than their estimated IQ.

Jessica’s mother, Amy, and her mechanical engineer father, Lee, realised that Jessica and her brother Harrison were both gifted before they reached school age.

Before they were three, both siblings showed a great interest in maths.

The Mensa test, which Jessica took unsupervised, is made up of two industry-standard IQ tests. These Mensa tests can be taken by anyone over the age of ten and a half, test results take age into account.

Mensa spokeswoman Ann Clarkson said: “I would like to welcome Jessica to Mensa, where she joins a growing community of teenagers and younger members. 

”I hope she makes the most of the opportunities membership provides to make new friends and learn new things.”