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Treorchy Paddling Pool transfer agreed

Ystradfechan Recreation Ground In Treorchy (Pic: Google Maps)

FEEDBACK from the public has shown the community value of a free-to-use Rhondda paddling pool for thousands of children and their families especially during a cost of living crisis.

A community asset transfer has been agreed from Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) Council to Friends of Treorchy Park for the Treorchy Paddling Pool in the Ystradfechan Recreation Ground involving a 15-year lease.

Surveys and consultations have highlighted the need for continued provision of a free-to-use paddling pool for the community as being of the “highest priority,” a council report said.

The group has also received hundreds of positive comments in a recent survey from families who use the facility along with a number of support letters from groups and organisations in the community confirming the importance of the paddling pool.

Officers at a community asset transfer panel meeting in March this year acknowledged the substantial feedback provided from children and families regarding how beneficial this free summer provision is especially during the current cost of living crisis.

A business plan was submitted by Friends of Treorchy Park for the proposed lease of Treorchy Paddling Pool to enable the group to lever in both capital and revenue funding to cover the annual maintenance and running costs of operating the paddling pool each summer period.

This was approved by the strategic community asset transfer panel because Friends of Treorchy Park has satisfactorily been operating the annual summer paddling pool activities at Treorchy Paddling Pool through an annual licence since 2018 and in that time the pool has provided free accessible activities to thousands of children and their families.

The panel said the lease will enable the group to lever in capital funding to undertake the ongoing annual maintenance required to make the paddling pool and plant room operations safe and statutory-compliant.

The panel added that it will enable Friends of Treorchy Park to provide local children, young people, and community members the opportunity to improve their social welfare, health, and wellbeing through free access to play, leisure, and intergenerational social opportunities during the summer as well as seasonal events throughout the year.

An open space advertisement has been carried out and no adverse comments or arguments against were received.

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The group has secured sufficient grant funding and continue to fundraise within the community to deliver a free-to-use service for the immediate future and have an annual fundraising strategy which aims to continue the free to use service.

The group have a fundraising strategy which aims to ensure they have the sufficient annual funds for the required annual maintenance and inspections which will be carried out by RCT parks team.