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Monmouthshire South Wales

RSPCA races to scene after deer spotted on Chepstow rooftop

A DEER spent a night (or day!) on the tiles – after being found by the RSPCA on a rooftop.

Officers from the animal welfare charity were contacted after a member of the public spotted the deer’s plight on Trelleck Road in Chepstow on 24 June.

The garage roof ran alongside some adjacent woodland, so the deer had wandered onto the rooftop from a similar height – but was then unable to walk back up the sloping tiles.

RSPCA animal rescue officer (ARO) Sian Burton says it was like the deer was “trying to climb a treadmill” – and she soon called the Fire & Rescue Service for assistance.

She closely monitored the deer, who was visibly frightened – but with firefighters on route to the scene, the deer jumped down and tumbled approximately 10 feet (three metres) to the floor.

Fortunately, despite the ordeal, the deer was unharmed from the jump and soon trotted away. ARO Burton monitored the animal until she was out of sight and was happy she was not injured, and had no welfare concerns.

She said: “We deal with all sorts of animals on rooftops – but this was the first time I’ve ever had a call about a deer!

“Every day as an animal rescue officer is different, but my task list reached new heights with this job!

“The poor deer was visibly very frightened – and I soon enlisted the support of our friends at the Fire & Rescue Service. She was trying to climb off, but couldn’t work her way back up the sloping tiles. It was like she was trying to climb a treadmill.

“Unfortunately, with firefighters on route, the deer took matters into her own hands, and took a less than graceful jump, and tumbled to the ground.

“Obviously, I was concerned – but fortunately the deer was unharmed from the fall to the ground and, after a minute or so, happily trotted off. I carefully monitored her until she ran out of sight – but thankfully this deer was fine after her session on the tiles.”