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South Wales Vale of Glamorgan

South Wales RNLI lifeguards and lifeboat crews save two swimmers in difficulty  

RNLI lifeguards at Coldingham Sands

WHITMORE BAY RNLI lifeguards joined forces with Barry RNLI volunteer lifeboat crews and the Coastguard to save the lives of two swimmers who got into difficulty in the sea early Friday evening.  

RNLI lifeguard Jai Gerrish spotted the two young men as one waved his arm to call for help. Jai was quickly on scene to rescue the swimmer and return him to the shore on his rescue board. With the help of lifeguard supervisor Matt Childs, the second swimmer, who was approximately 150m offshore, was also brought to safety.  

The coastguard requested assistance from Barry Dock RNLI D-class lifeboat and the volunteer crew assisted with offering casualty care on the beach.  

RNLI lifeguard supervisor Matt Childs who assisted in the rescue said:  “The swimmers did the correct thing by visiting an RNLI lifeguarded beach and calling for help as soon as they knew they were in trouble. 

“Our guards quickly spotted them calling for help and were able to quickly assist. One of the swimmers was floating on his back when help arrived, which is exactly what we recommend anyone to do should they find themselves in the water.  Floating on your back and fighting the instinct to thrash about can really help to regain control of breathing.  

“With warm conditions set to continue we expect the busy period to continue and would ask anyone visiting the coast to take heed our advice.

“If possible, visit a lifeguarded beach and if entering the water always stay between the red and yellow flags – this is the area that’s carefully monitored by the RNLI lifeguards throughout the day.  

“If you find yourself in trouble in the water, raise your hand and call for help.  If you see someone else in trouble, as hard as it may be, never attempt the rescue yourself – alert a lifeguard or call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.’