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Mobile phone mast in Cwmbran, Torfaen, refused again

A BID to erect a 15 metre tall telephone mast on a roadside in Cwmbran has been rejected for a third time. 

CK Hutchison Networks had originally sought permission for an 18m tall mast on the verge at Llanfrechfa Way in Llanyrafon in 2021 but that was refused as it was likely to block views of drivers from the car park of Llanyrafon Golf Club and was considered to be “overly prominent”. 

A second application for a 15m tall mast was then submitted which would be set further back from the roadside but that was also refused, in the same year, as it was too close to a nearby lime tree and it could damage its roots. 

The third application however was still considered to be in the line of sight of drivers from the car park and Torfaen Borough Council planning officers said it remained in an overly prominent position. 

Four members of the public had also objected to the plans describing the mast as an “eyesore” and raising concerns about the impact on property prices and bats in the grounds of Llanyrafon Manor, a listed building. 

It was also claimed the mast could damage people’s health but the planning report stated the applicants had confirmed it met with international guidelines on “Non- Ionizing Radiation Protection” exposure.