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Candidates for the Bridgend Seat – General Election 2024

AS the UK heads to the polls on July 4, 2024, the Bridgend constituency is set for a closely watched contest. The seat, which flipped to the Conservatives in 2019 for the first time in decades, will see seven candidates vying to represent this diverse constituency.

Chris Elmore – Labour Party
Chris Elmore, the Labour candidate, has been a prominent figure in the party, focusing on local issues such as improving public services, supporting local businesses, and enhancing infrastructure. Elmore’s campaign has been marked by community engagement events and promises to restore funding to critical public services that have faced cuts in recent years.

Anita Boateng – Conservative and Unionist Party
Anita Boateng stands for the Conservative and Unionist Party, aiming to continue the Conservative leadership in Bridgend. Her campaign focuses on economic growth, lowering taxes, and maintaining strong national security. Boateng has been active in community meetings, promising to build on the economic gains achieved under the previous Conservative MP, Jamie Wallis.

Claire Waller – Liberal Democrats
Claire Waller, representing the Liberal Democrats, has centred her campaign on education, healthcare, and climate change. She advocates for better educational resources, robust healthcare services, and strong environmental policies. Waller has been engaging with voters through town hall meetings and social media, emphasising the Liberal Democrats’ commitment to progressive and sustainable policies.

Iolo Caudy – Plaid Cymru
Iolo Caudy, the candidate for Plaid Cymru, is campaigning on a platform of Welsh independence, cultural preservation, and economic self-sufficiency. Caudy’s efforts include grassroots activities and discussions on the benefits of a more autonomous Wales, aiming to attract voters who seek stronger local governance and cultural identity.

Debra Cooper – Green Party
Debra Cooper of the Green Party focuses on environmental sustainability, social justice, and renewable energy. Her campaign highlights the need for urgent action on climate change and the implementation of green policies at the local level. Cooper has been actively involved in local environmental initiatives and community workshops.

Caroline Jones – Reform UK
Caroline Jones, standing for Reform UK, advocates for major reforms in immigration policies, public spending, and national security. Jones’s campaign is centred on restoring national sovereignty and reducing the UK’s dependency on international agreements. She has been reaching out to constituents through public rallies and media campaigns.

Mark Richard John – Independent
Mark Richard John, running as an independent candidate, focuses on local issues free from party politics. His campaign stresses the importance of community-driven decision-making and pragmatic solutions to local problems. John has been canvassing door-to-door, listening to constituents’ concerns and promising to be a truly representative voice in Parliament.

As the election day approaches, all candidates are intensifying their campaigns to connect with voters and present their visions for the future of Bridgend. This election will be pivotal in determining the direction for Bridgend amidst significant boundary changes and shifting political landscapes.