BLAEN-Y-MAES’ Shaun Davies scored in the 92nd minute to send his side through to the third round of the West Wales Cup as they beat FC Bonymaen on Saturday (Nov 6).

Swansea League Division 1 side Blaen-y-Maes took the lead after ten minutes through Dylan Jones.

He then doubled his side’s lead with half an hour played but two minutes later the home side were back in it.

Bonymaen’s Daniel Boat scored the goal to give the Swansea League Division 3 side some hope of causing an upset.

The game remained 2-1 until the 77th minute when the hosts were awarded a penalty and Dean Green stepped up to make it 2-2.

Just as it looked like extra time might be needed, Shaun Davies scored in injury time to send the Division 1 side into the next round.