Wales have drawn Poland, Netherlands and Belgium in League A Group 4 for the Nations League 2022/23, as discovered tonight from Nyon, Switzerland.

Wales secured a spot in League A after being promoted from League B in the last tournament, as they were successful in winning the group.

Rob Page’s side then entered Pot 4 with Austria, Czech and Hungary ready for the draw.

Wales were pulled out last to enter Group 4 – with the potential of drawing any team in the remainder of pots 1, 2 or 3 – including England in pot 3.

Poland of Pot 3, Netherlands of Pot 2 and Belgium of Pot 1 were all placed into group 4 with the Welsh boys.

Wales face Belgium, Netherlands and Poland in their summer 2022 Nations League ties.

The group fixtures will be played in summer 2022, with four games in June and a remaining two in September.

The provisional fixture dates and kick-off times will be announced in full on Friday.

If Wales have the strength to win the group, they will progress to the finals in June 2023.

However, if Rob Page’s army find themselves in last place – they will be relegated to League B in the next tournament.

The full draw is as follows:

League A

A1 – Austria, Croatia, Denmark, France.

A2 – Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain.

A3 – Hungary, England, Germany, Italy.

A4 – Wales, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium.

League B

B1 – Armenia, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Ukraine.

B2 – Albania, Israel, Russia, Iceland.

B3 – Montenegro, Romania, Finland, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

B4 – Slovenia, Serbia, Norway, Sweden.

League C

C1 – Faroe Islands, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Turkey.

C2 – Cyprus/Estonia, Kosovo, Greece, Northern Ireland.

C3 – Kazakhstan/Moldova, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Slovakia.

C4 – Gibraltar, Georgia, North Macedonia, Bulgaria.

League D

D1 – Latvia, Andorra, Kazakhstan/Moldova, Liechtenstein.

D2 – San Marino, Cyprus/Estonia, Malta.

Wales 1-1 Belgium – Rob Page’s side will face Belgium again in the Nations League after their draw in November

Wales now turn their focus to the World Cup play-off semi finals on March 24th 2022 at the Cardiff City Stadium against Austria.

Should they come out victorious, they will face either Scotland or Ukraine in the final on Tuesday, 29th March 2022. The winner of this tie will qualify for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.