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Haverfordwest: Cabinet supports Town Museum relocation

HAVERFORDWEST Town Museum will move to a temporary location whilst work is done on the Castle.

Work is being carried out as part of a levelling up project and the Museum will likely move to the town centre.

At its meeting on Monday (Sept 5), Cabinet members approved a grant to be given to the Museum to help them move.

Cllr Paul Miller said: “We’re redeveloping the area around Haverfordwest Castle and the castle itself as part of one of our levelling up projects.

“As part of that Haverfordwest Town Museum, they are very active partners, they have been very supportive and I’m grateful to the curator and the trustees for their support, they need to move during the redevelopment period and we need to support them to undertake that temporary relocation.”

Mike Cavanagh said that the Museum would like to establish a pop-up shop in the town and that they would like to help them do that.

Museum Curator Simon Hancock said: “The Haverfordwest Town Museum is an enthusiastic partner in the plans for Haverfordwest Castle which are central to the county council’s regeneration of the county town.

“I am pleased financial support has been agreed for the museum due to our enforced closure for at least two years while work is underway.

“We look forward to operating in a town centre location while the castle site is being redeveloped and a new chapter in our history when we reopen back at Castle House in 2024-5.”