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Nuclear Weapons Don’t Make Us Safer

CND Peace Symbol visits Knighton on its way to Faslane

LOCAL XR Peace campaigners Kim (Ludlow) and Angie (Knucklas, 71) are joining a group of peace activists from Bristol to take a large CND symbol up to Scotland. 

They are protesting about the exchange of nuclear threats between NATO and Russia. They will arrive in Glasgow on June 9, and make their way to Coulport where the UK nuclear warheads are stored. 

They will camp there for 10 days and protest at both Coulport and Faslane (where the UK nuclear submarines are based and which have recently been joined by more from the USA and France).

Angie stated: “Threatening mass murder with these awful nuclear weapons is not only illegal and criminal but puts the whole world in danger. To do it at a time when the majority of the world community are meeting in Vienna to implement the UN Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) is shameful. 

“I am going to Faslane and Coulport to engage in nonviolent civil resistance against all nuclear weapons and to show that this is not being done in my name.”

Kim, a Ludlow peace campaigner added: “Recent events make it abundantly clear that nuclear weapons pose a very real threat in our politically destabilised world. Nuclear weapons do not address the newly emerging threats relevant to the 21st century and divert a staggering amount of human and financial resources so desperately needed elsewhere to address social and climate issues.  

“Without the UK being present at a meeting of over 60 countries in Vienna, June 21-23, the UK will have no voice in discussions about global nuclear weapon disarmament.  Our coalition of peace groups at Faslane will draw attention to the UK’s need to abolish nukes and join other countries who have already agreed to the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Our government must not boycott these talks!”