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Tenby: Cabinet supports new swimming pool for town

PEMBROKESHIRE County Council’s Cabinet has given its support to a new swimming pool being built in Tenby.

The current pool was built in 1973 but has been described as ‘tired’ and ‘not fit for purpose’.

It attracts a large number of visitors and school visits each year and is described as a ‘key local facility’ in the Cabinet report.

Tenby South councillor Sam Skyrme-Blackhall submitted a notice of motion, calling for a working group to be set up to look at preferred options for a new site.

At the Cabinet meeting on Monday (Sept 5) she called for a ‘speedy’ review and decision.

Cllr Skyrme-Blackhall said: “This is not about if, but about and inevitably where. It does seem odd with all focus on the cost of living crisis to be talking about swimming pools but we should be clear we are not talking about luxuries.

“This is about well-being, health and fitness. The town, that this weekend will be hosting Ironman for the tenth time, we should not underestimate the impact it has made in focussing people’s minds on better health or the contribution that swimming makes to better physical and mental health.

“We also know that a new pool is required as part of the integrated health and leisure options in south Pembrokeshire.

“We also know that access to Bluestone has changed. There is a commercial opportunity and a chance to give access to fund swims for residents across the county.

“We have an ageing pool, not fit for purpose and creeking through each repair and maintenance programme.

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“My concern, and the reason for the notice of motion, was that people were drifting off with a range of ideas for a location of the pool and grand master-planning exercises.

“My concern is that something happens to the existing pool whilst we are still talking about a location to replace it.

“We need a speedy review of location options and to make an equally speedy decision about a preferred location.”

Cabinet member Rhys Sinnett said: “We agree as a cabinet that a group does need to be set up where we would like to see some flexibility, it doesn’t need to be politically balanced. I think looking at the local membership in the south area and around Tenby it is politically balanced anyway but I would ask that we keep this group tight.”

Cllr Sinnett described the pool as ‘tired’ adding that he would like to see a single option being discussed by the group.

Cllr David Simpson said this problem had been ‘on the boil’ for some time adding the setting up of a group was the way forward.

Cllr Paul Miller said he was ‘very supportive’ of the plans to get the issue resolved quickly.