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Local Brewery with widely renowned ales has close after 10 years

A LLAWHADEN brewery has said farewell after almost a decade producing local and craft ales, however hints at a new exciting venture may be on the horizon.

Caffle Brewery has been widely known for its distinctive lineup of 12 ales that were prepared in accordance with the different seasons and included Pembrokeshire ingredients such locally foraged kelp from our local harvest.

Caffle was the official brewer for the well-known Unearthed in a Field festival for each year, and owners Sharon and Chris were frequent attendees at neighbourhood beer festivals and gatherings.

The brewery made memorable ales with different types of names like Catchy Pole, Sprilly Maid, and Drop Squint that could be purchased in bottles or mini kegs and were also offered in neighbourhood bars.

Ingenious recipes for dishes cooked with their products were also published by Sharon and Chris, along with its standard ales, the brewery also created special editions like Red Rescue, which collected money for Wales Air Ambulance, and customised brews for weddings and other occasions.

Talking to Facebook, Caffle Brewery posted the following farewell post: “It is with mixed feelings that the Caffle Brewery is no longer in the business of brewing. For 10 years we have proudly developed a range of ales with local and diverse flavours and a very distinctive identity.

“Thank you to all our lovely customers who have supported us. We really wouldn’t have continued for ten years without you.”

“The Caffle branding and marketing, from the outset, has been crafted by our very talented daughter, Kelly Bannister, so Caffle was truly a family business.”

Sharon and Chris thanked all their lovely customers and urged people to continue shopping locally and keeping up support just like they had.

Local customers took to social media to share their thoughts and appreciation throughout the years leaving comments on the Caffle Brewery facebook page, one mentioned

“There might be other local Pembrokeshire breweries but he says that none of them hold a candle to the Caffle Brewery ales.”

In another reply, they said: “Soooo sad to hear this. You have a very fine product and I have enjoyed every mouthful. Certainly life is tough at present in trying to sell anything but you have been appreciated by many over 10 years. Wishes go to you for your future”

The Really Wild Emporium “We will miss you enormously… you were exactly what we are ‘about’ and are very sad we are no longer able to sell your ‘wild’ products. We wish you all the luck in what you decide to do in the future and we are here to support any new plans”

Although they are no longer brewing there have been hints they could be moving towards another adventure. They said: “What the future holds…… who knows – watch this space! Best wishes to you all ‘The Caffle Crew”