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Crime Pembrokeshire West Wales

Allegedly drunk or ‘stoned’ window cleaner crashes vehicle at McDonald’s

IN A PECULIAR turn of events, a window cleaner reversed his car into a bollard at the Haverfordwest branch of McDonald’s, leaving staff to suspect he was “either drunk or stoned,” according to witnesses.

The individual in question, Kristofer Sanders, 35, was observed entering the drive-thru shortly after 2 am on May 6, behind the wheel of a Vauxhall Vivaro.

Crown Prosecutor Sian Vaughan revealed this week in Haverfordwest Magistrates’ Court that the staff promptly alerted the authorities, expressing their concerns about Sanders’ inebriated or, as they put it, “stoned” state.

As onlookers watched, Sanders inadvertently reversed his vehicle into a bollard, further confirming the suspicions of the McDonald’s staff.

“He was clearly under the influence,” stated Ms Vaughan. “He couldn’t hold a conversation, he was struggling to find money, and he was slumped in the driver’s seat. He certainly didn’t look as if he was capable of driving a vehicle.”

Upon the arrival of police officers at the scene, a roadside breath test was administered, which yielded positive results for alcohol consumption.

Subsequently, Sanders, a resident of Queensway, Haverfordwest, was taken to the local police custody suite for further intoximeter tests, which ultimately revealed his breath alcohol content to be 93 mcg, exceeding the legal limit of 35 mcg.

Representing Sanders in court, Mr. Michael Kelleher expressed the impact of the incident on his client’s livelihood. “My client works as a self-employed window cleaner, so he’s going to have to try and get someone else to work with him,” he informed the magistrates.

Sanders pleaded guilty to the charge of drink driving and was handed a 12-month community order, mandating 80 hours of unpaid work as part of his sentence. Additionally, he received a 23-month driving disqualification and was instructed to pay a £114 court surcharge, along with £85 in costs.

District Judge Mark Layton, when delivering the sentence, admonished Sanders, highlighting the severity of his alcohol reading. “You had a reading of 93mcg, which is almost three times over the legal limit,” remarked Judge Layton. “As a result, this takes you into the Community Order threshold.”

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