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Candidates for the Mid and South Pembrokeshire Constituency: General Election 2024

As the UK gears up for the general election on July 4, 2024, the newly formed Mid and South Pembrokeshire constituency is witnessing a diverse and competitive race among eight candidates. This new constituency brings together parts of two traditionally Conservative areas, making the upcoming election particularly significant.

Candidates Standing in Mid and South Pembrokeshire

Stephen Crabb (Conservative Party)
Stephen Crabb, the incumbent MP for Preseli Pembrokeshire, is running for the new Mid and South Pembrokeshire seat. His campaign focuses on economic growth, reducing taxes, and improving public services. Crabb emphasizes his local roots and his record in Parliament, highlighting his efforts in securing investments and supporting local infrastructure and businesses【

Henry Tufnell (Labour Party)
Henry Tufnell represents the Labour Party, advocating for social justice, enhanced public services, and environmental sustainability. Tufnell’s campaign stresses the need for increased funding for healthcare and education, addressing the cost-of-living crisis, and implementing green energy policies. He positions Labour as the party capable of bringing significant improvements to Mid and South Pembrokeshire

Cris Tomos (Plaid Cymru)
Cris Tomos, the Plaid Cymru candidate, emphasizes Welsh independence, cultural preservation, and sustainable economic development. Tomos advocates for greater local control over education and healthcare, and aims to represent the unique cultural and economic interests of the constituency in Westminster

Hanna Andersen (Women’s Equality Party)
Hanna Andersen, Co-Leader of the Women’s Equality Party in Wales, focuses on tackling poverty and inequality. Her campaign highlights universal free childcare, a national social care system free at the point of use, and policies to combat misogyny and racism. Andersen aims to bring bold ideas to address the challenges faced by the community

Alistair Cameron (Liberal Democrats)
Alistair Cameron is the Liberal Democrat candidate, promoting education reform, healthcare improvements, and progressive environmental policies. Cameron’s campaign emphasizes the need for better educational resources, improved healthcare services, and significant actions against climate change

James Purchase (Green Party)
James Purchase, representing the Green Party, centers his campaign on environmental sustainability and social justice. Purchase advocates for immediate action on climate change, promoting renewable energy projects, and reducing carbon emissions. His platform includes policies for social equity, aiming to ensure fair treatment and opportunities for all citizens

Stuart Marchant (Reform UK)
Stuart Marchant from Reform UK focuses on significant reforms in immigration policies, reducing taxes, and scrapping Net Zero policies. Marchant’s campaign highlights the need for common-sense policies, protecting borders, cheaper energy, and upholding British values and free speech

Vusi Siphika (Independent)
Vusi Siphika is running as an independent candidate, focusing on local issues without party political ties. Siphika’s campaign stresses the importance of community-driven decision-making and pragmatic solutions to local problems. He aims to be a truly representative voice for Mid and South Pembrokeshire, addressing constituents’ concerns directly and effectively

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