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Groundbreaking Wellbeing Project for Students at Carmarthen Campus

AIMEE WILLIAMS, a final-year BA Applied Drama student at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD), has launched an innovative wellbeing initiative for students on the Carmarthen Campus. 

Driven by her passion for enhancing student wellbeing, Aimee developed and facilitated “WonderWorld” as part of her final project. This unique space invites students into an imaginative world of role play and drama, inspired by Dungeons and Dragons and utilising applied drama techniques like Process Drama and Mantle of the Expert.

For six weeks, students gathered weekly in a drama studio to embark on imaginary adventures. They created worlds, solved problems, and earned coins together while reflecting on themes from WonderWorld that offered insights into their real lives.

Aimee said:

“I’m happy to share that a total of 16 students participated in one or more of these workshops. Many of them expressed that their overall well being improved as a result, and they eagerly anticipated each Tuesday’s workshop session. It’s important to note that some students were aware of the workshops but couldn’t attend due to ongoing assessments, as the project started during the final term. The students who took part in the workshops reported a positive impact on their mental state and have even requested for these workshops to continue in the next academic year. I have attached the feedback I received from each session below.”

Here are some of the students’ feedback on WonderWorld:

“A weekly workshop that is reliable and feels supportive. Supports wellbeing by checking how you’re doing, which is often overlooked but this workshop allows you to be open. A No Judgement Zone.”

“A fun escape where I can be myself and make new connections.”

“Being able to release my inner child!”

“I forget about the stress of my module”

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“Allows me to take a break from worrying and stress. A way to improve rest.”

“As a person with anxiety, it helped me to let myself be distracted and relax. Also, the sense of community I think gives endorphins as you want to see everyone succeed and it has an ‘all in this together feel’ so, this workshop helps not to feel alone, and you are safe to share and immerse yourself.”

“Connection is needed to lift the emotions and the atmosphere and I liked in this workshop no one is alone. Everyone is included. As we get more inventive, we get to know each other more. When doing these activities we are communicating with others that maybe outside social circles and seeing different perspectives which is cool. It’s connection and knowing people – it means a lot.”

Aimee is set to graduate this year and will continue her studies at UWTSD, enrolling in the new MA Applied Theatre: Community, Education, Wellbeing programme. This pioneering postgraduate course is the first of its kind in Wales, offering emerging artists and established practitioners a platform to explore the social impact of drama and theatre in non-traditional settings.

Ali Franks, Manager of the Applied Theatre: Community, Education, Wellbeing course at UWTSD said:

“Aimee devised a highly unique project here, that perfectly demonstrates the power of applied theatre to engage, allow us to find new ways to connect and create community, and impact our mental and emotional health.”

For more information about the MA Applied Theatre program, please email [email protected] or visit UWTSD Applied Theatre Programme.

As Aimee embarks on her postgraduate journey, she intends to continue her weekly well-being workshops to support students. If you are a student on the Carmarthen Campus and would like to participate in WonderWorld, please contact [email protected] to connect with Aimee.