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All the candidates standing in Caerfyrddin – who has got your vote?

Simon Hart (Conservative Party)

Simon Hart is the Conservative candidate for Caerfyrddin and has a well-established political career, having served as the MP for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire since 2010. During his tenure, Hart has held several significant positions, including Secretary of State for Wales and Government Chief Whip. His campaign focuses on maintaining economic stability and improving local infrastructure. Hart emphasises his dedication to addressing specific local issues, such as opposing the construction of pylons in the Teifi and Towy Valleys, which he argues would detract from the natural beauty of the area.

Hart’s platform includes a commitment to supporting rural communities, ensuring that farmers and local businesses receive the support they need to thrive. He highlights his long-standing connection to the area, despite the new constituency boundaries, and aims to leverage his experience to benefit the residents of Caerfyrddin. Hart’s campaign also addresses broader national issues, such as economic policy and public services, with a focus on practical solutions that can make a real difference at the local level.

Martha O’Neil (Labour Party)

Martha O’Neil is the Labour candidate for Caerfyrddin, bringing a fresh perspective and a strong commitment to social justice. At 25 years old, O’Neil is a former policy adviser for the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. Her campaign emphasises empathy and personal experience with hardship, aiming to connect with voters on a deep, personal level. O’Neil advocates for substantial changes to address the cost-of-living crisis, improve public services like the NHS, and ensure fair economic policies that benefit all segments of society.

O’Neil criticises the Conservative government’s handling of the economy and public services, highlighting issues such as high living costs and inadequate support for families. She promises to deliver better outcomes by pushing for a Labour government that prioritises the needs of ordinary people. Her platform includes specific policies to reduce energy prices, enhance healthcare access, and support education and social services, aiming to create a more equitable and prosperous community.

Ann Davies (Plaid Cymru)

Ann Davies, the Plaid Cymru candidate for Caerfyrddin, brings a wealth of experience and a strong connection to the local community. As a cabinet member on Carmarthenshire County Council, Davies has a deep understanding of both rural and post-industrial needs. Her campaign is built on the legacy of Gwynfor Evans, Plaid Cymru’s first MP, and she aims to follow in his footsteps by providing honest and dedicated representation in Westminster.

Davies focuses on sustainable development and support for local businesses. She emphasises the importance of preserving the cultural heritage of the area while promoting economic growth. Her platform includes policies to support the agricultural sector, enhance public services, and ensure that rural communities have access to the resources they need to thrive. Davies also highlights her commitment to fighting for the best deal for Caerfyrddin’s residents, promising to be a strong and vocal advocate for their needs and concerns.

Will Beasley (Green Party)

Will Beasley, the Green Party candidate for Caerfyrddin, is dedicated to environmental sustainability and social justice. His campaign focuses on achieving net-zero emissions through innovative and accountable policies. Beasley criticises the major parties for their inadequate handling of rural issues and positions the Green Party as a forward-thinking alternative that prioritises environmental and community welfare.

Beasley’s platform includes enhancing public transportation, protecting natural habitats, and supporting local agriculture. He advocates for sustainable development practices that do not compromise the environment, ensuring that future generations can enjoy a healthy and vibrant natural world. Beasley also emphasises the importance of social justice, promising to fight for policies that reduce inequality and provide all residents with access to quality public services and opportunities for growth and development.

Nicholas Paul Beckett (Liberal Democrats)

Nicholas Paul Beckett is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Caerfyrddin, focusing on addressing the cost-of-living crisis, supporting local businesses, and promoting educational opportunities. Beckett emphasises the need for practical solutions to local issues, such as improving healthcare access and ensuring that public services are well-funded and efficiently run.

Beckett’s campaign includes policies to support economic growth through investment in local businesses and infrastructure. He advocates for a more inclusive and equitable society, where everyone’s needs are met through responsive and effective governance. Beckett highlights his commitment to transparency and accountability in government, promising to work tirelessly to represent the interests of Caerfyrddin’s residents in Westminster.

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Nancy Cole (Women’s Equality Party)

Nancy Cole, the Women’s Equality Party candidate for Caerfyrddin, focuses on gender equality and social justice. Her campaign includes policies aimed at closing the gender pay gap, improving healthcare services for women, and ensuring that public policies address the unique challenges faced by women and marginalised groups. Cole advocates for systemic changes to create a more equitable society and believes that her party offers the most comprehensive solutions to achieve these goals.

Cole’s platform emphasises the importance of creating opportunities for women in all areas of life, from the workplace to healthcare to education. She promises to fight for policies that promote fairness and equality, ensuring that all residents have the resources and support they need to succeed. Cole also highlights the need for greater representation of women in government, arguing that diverse perspectives are essential for effective policymaking.

David Mark Evans (Workers Party of Britain)

David Mark Evans, the Workers Party of Britain candidate for Caerfyrddin, offers a platform that reflects traditional Labour values. He criticises the current Labour Party for straying from its roots and positions his party as a true representative of progressive economics and social justice. Evans advocates for policies that promote economic equity, support local industries, and enhance public services.

Evans’s campaign includes measures to increase funding for the NHS, improve education, and support workers’ rights. He promises to address the economic challenges facing families and individuals by implementing policies that ensure fair wages and job security. Evans also emphasises the importance of community engagement, promising to listen to the concerns of residents and work collaboratively to develop effective solutions to local issues.

Bernard Holton (Reform UK)

Bernard Holton represents Reform UK in the Caerfyrddin constituency. His campaign focuses on reducing government bureaucracy, promoting free-market principles, and ensuring more direct democracy. Holton criticises the major parties for their economic policies and aims to offer a practical and straightforward approach to governance.

Holton’s platform includes supporting local businesses, improving public services, and advocating for policies that prioritise the needs of ordinary citizens over political elites. He emphasises the importance of transparency and accountability in government, promising to work towards a more efficient and responsive political system. Holton also highlights his commitment to protecting individual freedoms and ensuring that government policies reflect the will of the people.

These expanded sections provide a detailed overview of each candidate’s platform and priorities, highlighting the diverse range of issues and perspectives in the Caerfyrddin constituency for the 2024 General Election.