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Call to sing National anthem on St David’s Day

HEARING 70,000 Welsh sports fans belting out their national anthem Hen Wlad fy Nhadau is a spine-tingling experience.

But the terraces have been empty for almost a year. Choral singing in churches and chapels is banned. The Land of Song has lost its voice. 

But now the Mayor of Wales’ oldest town wants the anthem to ring out again next Monday, March 1, St David’s Day.

Cllr Gareth John, Mayor of Carmarthen, is urging people across Wales to stand on their doorstep, in their garden, farmyard or wherever they are at mid-day to sing the anthem.

It’s to celebrate St David’s Day, officially the first day of spring,” he said. “But it’s also a gesture of defiance that we’re coming through this pandemic, and a song of thanks to all our brave and dedicated key workers for their fantastic work.”

“Let it be a clear sign that this Land of Song will not be silenced. Those few Welsh people who can’t sing can play the anthem on a mobile device. After all, in our unbiased opinion, it is the best anthem in the world!”