County Councillor for Pontyberem and Bancffosfelen, Liam Bowen has demanded that Carmarthenshire County Council act to ensure safety and save lives outside Bancffosfelen school.

Plaid Cymru County Councillor, Liam Bowen has again asked Carmarthenshire County Council to intervene to ensure child protection and safety at Bancffosfelen School.

This follows a visit from Lee Waters MS where Councillor Bowen highlighted the concerns of local residents, parents and Bancffosfelen’s Head Teacher, Marie Langabeer.

Bancffosfelen school remains one of the only schools in the Gwendraeth Valley without 20mph zones outside the school grounds, and Councillor Bowen has pleaded with the Council to act accordingly, before it’s too late.

Councillor Bowen said: “We know that speeding is a serious issue across Wales and beyond and my constituents raise the issue of speeding with me daily.

“The concerns raised at speeding around Ysgol Bancffosfelen are serious and frightening for children, parents and teachers alike. 

“The children at Ysgol Bancffosfelen deserve the same protection and safety measures afforded to children at Ysgol Pontyberem and every other school in Carmarthenshire that is protected by 20MPH zones. I applaud the Welsh Government’s plans to bring in 20MPH limits as the norm, but with this being earmarked for 2023, the County Council must act now to bridge that gap and ensure local residents feel safe in their community.

“I’d like to thank our MS, Lee Waters for accepting my invitation to come out and see and hear the concerns that we have locally, and I will continue to work cross-party and with all stakeholders to ensure that the children of Bancffosfelen are given the support they deserve.

“Ysgol Bancffosfelen is a thriving school and an integral part of the community. I’d like to thank Head Teacher, Marie Langabeer, her staff and the school governors for their amazing work.”