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Global Day of Action COP27

PRESDIENTS and prime ministers are arriving in Sharm El Sheikh as part of Cop27 – the next in a series of talks aimed at bringing climate change to a halt after the Glasgow summit last year.

Protestors will march through UK streets in solidarity with Egyptian activists in Sharm El Sheikh. There will be no mass mobilisation on the global day of action, November 12, due to laws preventing  protests & freedom of speech.

Since COP26 people have felt the devastating impact of extreme climate change including floods in Pakistan that displaced tens of millions, deadly heat waves across Europe and increased famine in east Africa.

The science is clear. To have any hope of a liveable planet and tackling the climate crisis, a crisis that disproportionately affects working class people and communities in the global South, we must dramatically and immediately reduce the use of fossil fuels. 

The UK Government’s recent decisions to approve licences for North Sea oil and gas, deregulate development laws and end the protection of wildlife, forests and coastlines are contradictory  to pledges made in Glasgow just 12 months ago.

West Wales Climate Coalition (WWCC) was born out of the civil society mobilisation for COP 26. The Coalition includes  climate activist groups such as Extinction Rebellion, Friends of the Earth  & Grwp Resilience,  as well as Social Justice group Stand up To Racism. Union representatives from National Education Union (NEU) & Unison are also part of the Coalition. WWCC is also supported by People’s Assembly Against Austerity & Unite Communities West Wales.

WWCC is joining similar Coalitions across the UK who have built  strong alliances of Climate & Social Justice Groups to bring grassroots pressure to the UK government for the future well being of generations to come.

On 12th of November West Wales Climate Coalition will take to the streets from Carmarthen Park at 12.30 for a ‘Demonstration of Injustices’. The march will be stopping along the route  to hear speakers on climate refugees, climate change and the financial institutions responsible for continuing to  invest in climate collapse.

Crynwyr De Cymru/South Wales Quakers will be holding a vigil in central Carmarthen in the Guildhall Square area from 1.30-2.30.

There will be a rally including Speakers from Divest Dyfed, Fire Brigades Union and more at 2pm in Notts Square . An information hub will be open at Carmarthen library until just before 5pm for people to get refreshments and gather information about the Coalition groups. 

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We are calling on the people of South West Wales to join us to send the message to Westminster that the climate crisis and cost of living crisis are inextricably linked, it is time to dismantle the fossil fuel economy & begin a civil society-led transition to a fossil fuel free energy system. We want to see proper investment in the transition to Green jobs  & start tackling the many injustices that exist in Egypt  & that exist within our own society. As we enter this Winter of discontent bring your voice, your banners and placards and your energy for change. https://fb.me/e/2uWbVyfNO