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“Heritage is an important part of our future” said Jonathan Edwards MP

Local MP Jonathan Edwards was honoured to be invited to Llandovery last week to celebrate two very important establishments in the history of the town.

Firstly, the unveiling of a plaque outside the ‘Nag’s Head’. This is part of a wider project led by Cllr Handel Davies and Llandovery Town Council to recognise the 71 public houses which used to exist in Llandovery centuries ago.

Cllr Davies said: “I am very happy the Town Council has brought forward this project to ensure the history of our town is remembered. I am also grateful to our MP for supporting our efforts and regularly visiting Llandovery”

Jonathan Edwards MP commented: “I would like to congratulate all involved in this project for their efforts. Llandovery has a very proud heritage and it’s important that this is remembered. With 71 pubs in the town back in the day, I am sure it would have been a very popular place for a pub crawl!”

A Blue Plaque was also unveiled at the Old Printing Office, Broad Street to commemorate the establishment of the ‘Gwasg y Tonn’. The printer and publisher William Rees from Tonn, Llandovery set up Tonn Press in 1829, which became one of the most celebrated printing houses in Wales.

There he printed the journals ‘Y Cylchgrawn’ (1834-35) and ‘Yr Haul’, as well as the three volumes of Charlotte Guest’s ‘The Mabinogion’ (1838-49), and a host of other important titles.

Cllr Davies stated: “Llandovery Town Council is eager to celebrate the town’s most distinguished establishments and I am very pleased the application for a blue plaque on Tonn Press was approved. We have a lot to be proud of in Llandovery and it is important that our residents and visitors are made aware of our past achievements”.

Jonathan Edwards MP added ‘Gwasg y Tonn’ is without a doubt an asset of national importance. Titles such as “The Mabinogion” is a huge part of Welsh Culture and Literature and is as important now as it was when published. I would like to commend the Town Council for their hard work in ensuring these key buildings and parts of our history are not forgotten.”