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Former Secretary of State labelled ‘evil lesbian’ by Nazi sympathiser James Allchurch 

The trial continues

The jury in the trial of white supremacist and Nazi sympathiser James Allchurch has heard how he tarred former Secretary of State Justine Greening as an ‘evil lesbian’ who was responsible for ‘brainwashing children in schools with transgender problems’.

Allchurch’s attack against Rt Hon Greening was played to the jury this morning (Wednesday) on the third day of his trial into inciting racial hatred via audio files distributed on his Radio Aryan website.

“Justine Greening is an evil MP and a lesbian who is responsible for brainwashing British children with a load of transgender problems,” he said.  

“And [in her role] in international development, she was the one who was coming out with these lies that millions of people are coming out of poverty as a result of foreign aid.  But the finance didn’t help anybody; it allowed those foreigners to get loans and get themselves into debt which they can’t afford to pay back.

“So the only people this is really helping are the banks, as they’re getting people into debt.  So it’s subsequently massaging the figures.”

Today’s podcast was the ninth in a total of 15 which will be played to the jury throughout the week-long trial. 

Entitled ‘the Foreign Scam’, it castigates the way in which the UK supported third world developing countries.

First broadcast on January 7, 2019, it  opened with a loud rendition of ‘Rule Britannia’ before Allchurch, then working under the alias Sven Longshank, launched into his attack on the people residing in developing countries.

“Foreign aid is a waste of money,” he said. 

“The developing world will never be developed, as the people in the third world don’t have the intelligence to build things of their own, even with the money we throw at them.”

Allchurch, 51, formerly of Church House, Gelli, Clynderwen, went on to cite Britain’s third world expenditure as ‘completely wasted’.

“0.7 per cent of Britain’s income, which is almost 1% of what Britain earns, is being sent back to foreign countries.

“£1.5 billion is given to the worst 20 most corrupt countries which is more than 12% of last year’s figure (£1.3 billion).  And this is despite the fact that much of this will be wasted, stolen or seized by terrorists.

“A billion ne***** are in Africa at the moment and that figure will be two billion in 30 years.  They’re just going to swamp the entire planet and are unable to find their own food and water, and require constant looking after.

“The reason why Africa is in the state it is is because of them.  African ne***** are used to living in mud huts and grazing and foraging.  They’re not the kind of people to plant seeds and wait a year for them to grow and be harvested.  They just try and eat the seeds.

“We show them how to improve their water and sanitation but as soon as the white people leave, the water turns dirty again because they still urinate, defecate and wash their clothes in it.

“They don‘t understand the difference between truth and lies because they are not white people.  So this is just a complete waste of money.

“But who is to provide the food and water for them?  The gullible whitey.”

James Allchurch, 51,  denies 15 charges of recording and distributing audio files between May 2019 and March 2021 with the intention of stirring up racial hatred.

The trial is expected to conclude early next week.