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Haverfordwest drug dealer apprehended with over £1,600 worth of heroin and cocaine

A DRUG dealer from Haverfordwest, Dean Rosser, was apprehended with a substantial quantity of heroin and cocaine amounting to over £1,600, after he boarded a train to replenish his stock.

On April 19, Rosser was travelling on the Cardiff to Milford Haven train when he was arrested by the police at approximately 6:40 pm at Carmarthen railway station.

During the arrest, law enforcement officers discovered that Rosser was carrying 15.8 grams of heroin, which was divided into eight bags. The prosecutor, Brian Simpson, estimated the street value of the confiscated drugs to be around £1,580.

Additionally, one gram of crack cocaine, valued at approximately £100, was also seized from Rosser.

Evidence from messages found on Rosser’s mobile phone indicated that he had been involved in the sale of cocaine and heroin since February 11.

According to Mr. Simpson, in one of the messages dated April 18, Rosser informed a buyer that he had run out of drugs but would be taking the train the following day to acquire more.

Rosser, 56, residing on Barn Street in Haverfordwest, has a prior criminal record consisting of 31 convictions for 91 offenses.

During the defense proceedings, Stuart John argued that Rosser had been released from prison in December of the previous year but relapsed into heroin use due to a lack of support upon his release. Furthermore, his prescription for medication was not available until the end of January.

Mr. John stated that the defendant resorted to dealing Class A drugs in order to settle the debts he had accumulated as a result of his heroin addiction.

On Monday, Rosser pleaded guilty to participating in the supply of cocaine and diamorphine (heroin), as well as possessing both cocaine and diamorphine with the intention to distribute.

During the sentencing on Wednesday, Judge Paul Thomas addressed Rosser, stating, “Once again, you find yourself standing before the court. This marks the sixth time you have been apprehended for drug dealing, both here and in Spain. It appears that you are determined to spend your life in prison.”

Judge Thomas imposed a sentence of 2,045 days (approximately five years and seven months) for each offense, to be served concurrently.

“I genuinely hope that you will not appear before this court again, although I must confess that my optimism is limited,” commented Judge Thomas.

The prosecution decided against pursuing a Proceeds of Crime Act application.