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Haverfordwest woman sentenced for drawing Donald Duck on police station cell walls

The cell was inside Haverfordwest Police Station

A Haverfordwest woman has been sentenced for drawing a picture of Donald Duck on a police cell wall after being arrested for an offence for which she was totally innocent. 

Sarah Lewis, 32, was taken into police custody following an unrelated incident on August 10, and released her frustration by throwing a cup of hot chocolate which she had been given by officers, over the walls.

She then began drawing a picture, also on the walls. When officers asked her what the drawing was, she replied ‘Donald Duck’. 

This week Lewis, 32, of Three Meadows, Haverfordwest appeared before town magistrates where she pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to the cell at Haverfordwest Police Station.

“She was arrested for an unrelated matter and was taken to custody,” said Crown Prosecutor Kelly Rivers.

“But when she was in the cell, she asked for a cup of hot chocolate.

“Twenty minutes later she deliberately threw the contents around the cell and smeared it around the walls. 

“The officer then saw that she was drawing something on the wall. When she was asked what it was, she said it was Donald Duck.” 

Further investigations revealed that Lewis had also thrown tissues, cups and pieces of polystyrene down the toilet, making it impossible to flush. 

Lewis was represented in court by Mr Michael Kelleher. 

“She was arrested for something for which she was completely innocent,” he said. 

“She dislikes confined spaces enormously and, because the police were taking a considerably long time to deal with her, she over-reacted.” 

After considering the evidence, magistrates fined Sarah Lewis £80. She was also ordered to pay £100 compensation for the damage to the police cell, £85 costs and a £32 surcharge. 

“Causing that sort of harm to property is just not on,” said the presiding magistrate whilst imposing sentence.