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“His only intention was to take his own life” court hears, following Cleddau Bridge assaults

A 27-year-old man who attempted to take his own life on the Cleddau Bridge on Easter Sunday has appeared before Haverfordwest magistrates charged with assaulting three emergency workers. 

Police officers received a call informing them that a man was standing on a platform on the wrong side of the railings at around 3pm on Easter Sunday, April 9. 

“His only intention was to take his own life,” the defendant’s solicitor, Ms Rachel Tucker, told Haverfordwest magistrates this morning (Wednesday). 

“He didn’t call the police and this wasn’t a cry for help. This was a genuine intention to take his own life.” 

Ms Tucker went on to say that earlier that afternoon, the defendant had had an argument with his ex-partner. 

“At the time he saw no other way out,” she said. 

“He accepts that his actions that day were disgusting, but he was in the middle of a mental health episode.

“When the police arrived, this clearly aggravated the situation, but he didn’t want to live, and he wasn’t thinking about his actions.” 

As the officers approached the defendant, he spat at them and threatened them with a glass bottle. 

“This should not have happened,” paramedic Adrian Swales said in a victim impact statement. 

“I come to work to help and assist those in need. I stopped to help this man on the Cleddau Bridge and while I understand he needed help, I didn’t expect to be assaulted.” 

The court also heard from police sergeant Lees. 

“I intended to help the defendant, but I was greeted with extreme hostility,” he said in his victim impact statement.  

 “I was spat at and he was holding a glass bottle in his hand. To be assaulted in such a manner made me fear that I would not be able to go home to my family.” 

The defendant, who will not be named by The Pembrokeshire Herald, pleaded guilty to three charges of assault by beating against police sergeant Lees and police sergeant Anthony and paramedic Adrian Swales. 

Since the assaults took place on Easter Sunday, the defendant has been remanded in Swansea Prison. He appeared before Haverfordwest magistrates via a video link. 

“I wish I could take back what I did that day,” he said. 

“To behave like that to the people who were there to help me was unacceptable.” 

Meanwhile his solicitor, Rachel Tucker, informed magistrates that since being in custody, her client has begun to address his problems. 

“He’s spent two weeks in Swansea prison and he reports a huge change in his mental health and his mind state,” she said. 

“It’s been a wake-up call for him. 

“His relationship had broken down and he now accepts that. He also realises that at the time he had an alcohol issue. He hasn’t been able to drink while he’s been in prison, and that’s what was needed.” 

Ms Tucker concluded by stating that her client wished to remain in custody rather being released on a suspended sentence. 

“He knows that if he’s released, he’ll be setting himself up to fail,” she said. 

After considering the mitigation, magistrates sentenced the defendant to 12 weeks in custody.  

 He was ordered to pay £200 compensation to each of the three victims in addition to a £154 court surcharge and £85 costs.