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Jai Holroyd’s family share their love for ‘the most beautiful man ever’

THE family of Jai Holroyd have spoken of their grief following the discovery of his body in the waters off Pembroke Dock last Sunday morning.

“This was the most devastating time that any of us could ever have imagined,” said Jai’s cousin, Jodie Lawrence.

“Every morning we’d get up and carry on searching for Jai, hoping and praying that this would be the day we would find him.

“So when he was finally found on Sunday morning, in a way it was a huge relief for us all. Yes, there’s tremendous grief here, but at last Jai has come home to rest.”

Jodie went on to say that the support the family has been shown by the community in and around Pembroke Dock has been fantastic.

“Every day we’d meet people down Hobbs Point who were gathering with their drones and anything at all they could do to help us to look for him. The care that they’ve all shown to us as a family has been amazing.

“And maybe this just goes to show what a fantastic man Jai was. He was a hell of a boy but also the most beautiful man ever.”

His friends have now set up a Gofundme page to ensure that he has ‘the best send-off possible’.

“Our beloved Jai has finally been brought home,” read their tribute.

“This time has been agonising for Jai’s family, his children, his friends and anyone that had the pleasure of knowing him.

“We want to give Jai the best send-off possible and do all we can to continue supporting his family through this heartbreaking time.”

The Gofundme page has been created to raise funds for Jai’s funeral, and ensure that his life and ‘the wonderful person we all known and love’ will be celebrated in full.

“If people can donate anything at all, it will be so greatly appreciated,” concludes the tribute.

Jai, 40, was first reported missing on March 20, but despite a massive search involving specialist teams, his body remained undiscovered.

Extensive searches were subsequently carried out using the force’s specialist search teams, marine units, specialist sonar, drones, dog units, the South wales Police dive team as well as the NPAS helicopter and coastguards.

His body was finally discovered last Sunday morning (April 16), following a multi-agency operation at the Port of Pembroke.

Following his discovery on Sunday, his sister, Carley Hall, posted on social media stating: “Me and my family would just like to thank everyone for all their efforts in trying to help to find our brother Jai Holroyd in the last four weeks.

“Today he has been found finally, and can now be laid to rest. A massive thank you to you all.”

Jai leaves his mother, Tricia, his siblings Kelly, Carly and Kyle and children Jordan, Enola, Laila and Emilia.

The Jai Holroyd gofundme page can be visited on