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Lethal crack cocaine mix circulating throughout West Wales, warns DDAS

Local drug service DDAS has issued a warning that a new drug comprising a lethal mix of crack cocaine and magic mushrooms is circulating throughout south west Wales.

The Dyfed Drugs and Alcohol Service (DDAS) has confirmed that the illegal drug is currently circulating throughout the counties of Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire.

Users of the illegal drug, known as ‘magic’, have reported significant side effects including hallucinations and psychosis.

 Other symptoms include teeth grinding, dilated pupils, raised blood pressure, agitations ,delusions and erratic behaviour.  The more extreme symptoms include seizures and the discolouration of fingers as a result of restricted blood flow.

‘Magic’ comes in the form of tablets, capsules or a white powder.

Illegal drug analysts have stated that as with other drugs, ‘magic’ can be psychologically addictive and carries a high risk to health, both mental and physical, even to the point of death.

The warning comes just days after DDAS alerted people of a dangerous batch of capsules which are also circulating in the area which can lead to drug overdoses. 

There was reports that the capsules may have been a dangerous batch of Naloxone, however this is not the case. Naloxone is the life-saving intervention that is used medically to reverse the effects of an opiate overdose. There are no warnings over a dangerous batch of this medication.

The capsules are red and white in colour with the word ‘signature’ on them.

If you are concerned about someone’s use of ‘magic’ or if you need rehab to get off the drug, DDAS can be contacted on 03303639997.