ON Sunday morning (October 10), Dyfed-Powys Police charged Lucy Dyer, of Heulwen Terrace, Llanelli, with causing death by dangerous driving, and drink driving, in connection with a fatal road traffic collision at Heol Goffa, Llanelli, in which a child died

The incident, which involved a blue Three Series BMW and a blue Vauxhall Vectra, occurred at around 9pm on Friday (October 8)

A police spokesman at the scene said: “The arrested woman was travelling in a separate car to the child.

“There were no other casualties.”

An outpouring of emotion took place on social media over the weekend, with some members of the public taking to Facebook to say:

“God bless little one. Only 6 months old.! Rest in Peace. X”

“My thoughts are with the family and friends of the child. There is literally no words to describe how they must be feeling. Breaks my heart to even think about what they must feel right now. Sending my heart felt condolences to them.”

Another poster summed it up with one simple word: “Heartbreaking”.

Countless Facebook posts have speculated about the cause behind the incident, speculation was so rife that Police were forced to issue a statement saying:

“We understand the strength of feeling surrounding this incident in the local community, and now that court proceedings are active, we must urge you to comment carefully.

“If your comment implies the charged person is guilty, or mentions previous crimes or allegations of other offences, we have a responsibility to delete it so that we safeguard the right to a fair trial, and the best chance of justice for victims.”

Lucy Dyer, 23, has been remanded into custody and is due to appear at Llanelli Magistrates Court later today (Monday, October 11).