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Speed cameras ‘to reduce accidents’ at busy M4 stretch

A new 50mph speed limit on the M4 between junction 24 (Coldra) and junction 28 (Tredegar Park) will come into place from March 15, 2021. Permanently.

The speed limit, which will see extra speed cameras installed in the area over the next 12 days, is seen by the Welsh Government as a way to reduce congestion following recommendations made by Lord Burns’ report following work carried out by the South East Wales Traffic Commission.

The eastbound carriageway will be closed between 2200 and 0600 this week for the installations to take place with the westbound carriageway installations taking place next week.

The new M4 speed limit is believed to have four primary goals, those are:

  1. Manage congestion problems along this problematic stretch of the M4
  2. Reduce journey times and improve traffic flow
  3. Reduce accidents/collisions
  4. Increase air quality by decreasing emission levels

Once installed, the cameras will be fully tested and monitored by Go Safe before fines and prosecutions start being issued in the summer.

This delay is not only to fully test the system, it is also to give drivers time to get used to the new speed limit in the area.

Assistant chief constable of South Wales Police, Mark Travis, said: “I welcome the introduction of a permanent reduced limit and corresponding Average Speed Camera scheme to ensure compliance on this section of the M4 and to reduce death on Welsh roads.

“The Welsh Government and four Welsh police forces are committed to working in partnership to maximise the amount of safe and efficient journeys our residents and visitors make on our roads.

“Safe roads are vital to the wellbeing of our communities, in particular young people, it is right that we make our communities as safe as they can be.”

Minister for economy, transport and North Wales, Ken Skates, said: “This work shows this government’s commitment to tackling congestion in the region.

“We are doing this in the context of the climate emergency and our clear objective of reducing emissions from the transport sector.

“The South East Wales Transport Commission produced a number of recommendations to tackle congestion which we were happy to endorse”.

Teresa Ciano, GoSafe partnership manager, said: “GoSafe is committed to supporting our highways authority partners to ensure that the speed limits on our roads are adhered to.

“There are many benefits to a reduced speed limit on this section of road and vehicles utilising the road should see road safety and journey improvements.

“We will review the traffic after the changes and are prepared to enforce the speed limit if necessary.”