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Pembrokeshire West Wales

Locals confused after “UFO” flies over Pembrokeshire

Images shared on social media. Credit - Gemma Lewis / Richard Rees

DOZENS of people in Pembrokeshire looked to the sky last night and saw what they believed to be a UFO from outer space. 

The silver rocket-like ship with trails of colourful vapour behind it looked as if it was blasting off over Pembrokeshire.

At around 6:15pm, locals looked to the skies and spotted an unusual object flying vertically. 

Several people took to social media to ask others what the strange flying object was. 

One Facebook user, Gemma Lewis, shared a few photos she had taken of the UFO. 

People in the comments began to debate the origin of the UFO. Some residents claimed the UFO was simply a plane flying past and the strange pink lights behind it were just vapour trails from the plane being illuminated by the setting sun. 

People were unable to identify which plane it could have been, even suggesting it was a military aircraft so would not show up on flight trackers such as FlightRadar24. 

Others suggested that the UFO was “not man made” and was like nothing they had ever seen before. 

A few hours after the initial Facebook post, Richard Rees shared photographs he had taken of a plane flying past the moon leading others to believe that the unidentified flying object was in fact a plane.

Despite the hundreds of comments attempting to identify the object, a definitive answer was not reached. 

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