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Motorist arrested for drug-driving after chatting with officers ‘for no apparent reason’ 

Bridgend Terrace, Pembroke

A Monkton motorist who pulled his car up alongside a police patrol vehicle and struck up a conversation with an on-duty officer subsequently found himself in court after a roadside drugs wipe proved positive. 

Adrian Anderson was driving his Toyota CHR along Bridgend Terrace in the early hours of February 15. 

“He saw the police officers speaking to the driver of another vehicle,” Crown Prosecutor Kelly Rivers told Haverfordwest magistrates earlier this week. 

“The defendant stopped alongside the officer for no apparent reason, and engaged in conversation with him.” 

But when the officer noticed that Anderson appeared ‘slightly drowsy’, they carried out the drugs wipe which proved positive. He was taken to a police custody suite where he told officers that he had smoked cannabis some four hours previously.

He gave further tests, the lowest reading showing that he had 4.5mcg of cannabis in his blood. The specified limit is 2. 

Ms Kelly informed officers that Anderson was previously disqualified from driving in June 2021 for a similar offence, with the result that this was his second conviction within a three-year period. 

Anderson, 39, of Haven Court, Monkton, pleaded guilty to driving whilst above the specified drug limit. 

He was represented in court by Mr Michael Kelleher. 

“This was a very unusual act,” he said. 

“He was driving along very properly and stopped to speak to the police officer. If he hadn’t done that, there was no reason why the police officer would have stopped him.” 

Mr Kelleher went on to say that his client is physically disabled as a result of a road accident when he was 13 years old. 

“As a result, he takes cannabis as a means of easing the pain,” he said. “A disabled person who loses their driving licence is possibly worse than an able-bodied person, as they rely on that transport for getting around.” 

After considering the facts, magistrates disqualified Anderson from driving for three years. 

He was fined £120 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £48 surcharge.