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Pembrokeshire West Wales

Neyland man ended life ‘following fears that he would lose his employment’

A PEMBROKESHIRE man took his own life after becoming worried about losing his job, an inquest heard on Thursday. The 50-year-old, Rory Anthony Phillip John Cuneen, who lived in Neyland, had a history of alcohol misuse and struggled with his mental health.

According to coroner’s officer PC Carrie Sheridan, Mr Cuneen was reported missing on October 13, 2022, after fears were raised that he might lose his employment. Three days later, a friend visited his flat, but after receiving no response, he contacted the landlord for access.

Upon entering the flat, the friend was greeted with a smell of gas, and Mr Cuneen was found lying on the floor by the window. Toxicology tests carried out later showed that he had a blood ethanol concentration of 410 microgrammes per 100 millilitres of blood, a concentration that can be associated with fatality. In addition, carbon monoxide levels were at 70.5%, a level that can prove lethal.

Dr John Murphy, who conducted the post-mortem, confirmed that Mr Cuneen died of carbon monoxide poisoning and an elevated blood alcohol concentration. Assistant coroner Gareth Lewis asked PC Carrie Sheridan if there was any indication that Mr Cuneen might take his life if he lost his job. She confirmed that this was true.

Mr Cuneen’s sister said that her brother was still employed at the time of his death. Mr Lewis, however, said that he was satisfied that Mr Cuneen had deliberately taken steps to end his life, given the concerns raised over his job and mental health.

He added: “Mr Cuneen killed himself while he was struggling with his mental health.” Mr Lewis extended his condolences to Mr Cuneen’s family and thanked his sister for attending the inquest.