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Neyland outboard engine thefts reach the courts

The thefts took place in Neyland Marina

A major operation involving the theft of outboard engines stolen from boats moored in Neyland Marina reached the courts this week after Haverfordwest magistrates issued warrants for three defendants to attend a future hearing.

Sebastian Lacatus, 21, of Stourbridge in the West Midlands is jointly charged with Marian Tosa, 20, and Alexandru Filisan, 24, of stealing a total of nine outboard engines during an alleged incident in Neyland on September 1, 2020.

The engines were owned by Scott Bailey, Michael Thomas, Graham Dyer, Eric Callen, Carl Jones, Steven Evans, Harriet Ransom, Kevin Goldsworthy and Paul Jones respectively.

The three defendants were listed to appear before Haverfordwest magistrates earlier this week however their failure to attend resulted in magistrates issuing a warrant for them to attend a future hearing.