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Pembroke woman sentenced for assaulting armed officers ‘after red mist took over’ 

A Pembroke woman who made a Valentine’s Day emergency call for fire-armed officers to attend her property, fell prey to what her solicitor this week described as ‘a red mist that took over’.

As soon as the armed officers entered the home of Ashlie Large in Gwillim Court, Pembroke, she launched into a violent tirade of abuse, accusing them of ruining her life.

“You’re an ugly ****,” she told one of the female officers.

“As soon as the officers went inside, the defendant stood on the landing, shouting that they had ruined her life,” Crown Prosecutor Kelly Rivers told Haverfordwest magistrates earlier this week.

When the armed officers attempted to calm her down, Large’s behaviour continued to spiral out of control.

“She lifted her leg out and tried to climb out of the window,” continued Ms Rivers. 

“The officers attempted to pull her back and grabbed her dressing gown to stop her from climbing out, but she turned and struck one of the officers twice, causing her head to go backwards with the force.

“The police pulled the defendant away but she swung her arms back, striking the officer to her left cheek.”

This was when one of the armed officers felt Large grabbing her holster which contained the handgun.

“Other officers had to be called in to deal with the situation,” said Ms Rivers.

  “These officers had attended the defendant’s home to protect her after she requested their assistance, but the violence she displayed to them was unacceptable.”

Large pleaded guilty to two charges of assaulting police officer Crockford and police officer Bergonzi.

She was legally represented in court by Mr Michael Kelleher who described his client as ‘an extremely emotional person’.

“Sometimes she allows her emotions to take control and gets carried away,” he said.  “The red mist takes over.”

Mr Kelleher went on to say that Large had no intention of touching the police officer’s holster.

“She has no recollection of doing this, but within the confines of a small space, everyone was struggling.  She didn’t mean any violence towards the police, but she was highly emotional.”

After considering the evidence, magistrates confirmed they had no option but to impose a financial penalty on Large.

“This has been far from easy and we’ve found it quite a challenge,” commented the presiding magistrate.

“You’ve stated that you won’t comply with a probation order so we’re stuck.  What sentence is appropriate for you?”

Large was fined £200 and ordered to pay £100 compensation to the police officers.  She was also ordered to pay £85 court costs and a victim surcharge of  £80.