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Pembrokeshire man sentenced for violent attack on ex-partner in front of children

A DISTRESSING incident unfolded in a Pembrokeshire home as a man, Max Young, launched a drunken attack on his ex-partner in the presence of her crying children. The distressing details emerged during the sentencing at Swansea Crown Court, where Judge Paul Thomas described Young as “a horrible, abusive individual who attacks women.”

The court learned that Young had been in a relationship with the complainant earlier this year. The incident occurred on February 18 when the couple went out with friends to the RAFA Club in St Davids. Prosecuting, Mr Davies explained that Young verbally abused the complainant, hurling derogatory names at her. Disturbingly, he proceeded to set off a fire extinguisher in her presence.

The abusive behavior continued when they returned home, with Young throwing cans and banging on the complainant’s door from outside. Several weeks later, on March 2, the complainant was at home with her children, aged eight and two, and a friend. Young, clearly intoxicated, arrived at the residence. Mr Davies revealed that he entered the house and sat on the stairs before launching into a tirade, kicking the complainant in the chest and throwing her into the stairs. He then grabbed her by the hair, kneed her in the face, and headbutted her friend. Young also attempted to punch the friend but missed. The distressing cries of the children were captured on the Ring doorbell recording of the incident.

The two victims managed to escort Young out onto the street, where they called for assistance. They then returned inside and contacted the police. However, upon the police’s arrival, Young continued his abusive behavior, directing offensive language at a female officer during his arrest. Throughout the journey to the police station, he persistently spat in the vehicle’s cage.

The complainant suffered swelling, bruising, and a fractured finger as a result of the violent attack. Young was released on bail with the condition of no contact with the victims. Unfortunately, on March 22, he defied this condition by sending a text message expressing his love for the complainant, followed by a threatening voicemail stating, “I’ll f kill you.”

During the court proceedings, the complainant shared a statement expressing her ongoing fear of Young and his potential actions. In mitigation, Hannah George stated that Young’s struggles with alcohol worsened as his work opportunities declined and his relationship deteriorated. She acknowledged that his behavior had spiraled out of control. Young accepted that the complainant did not deserve such treatment from him.

Addressing Young, Judge Thomas condemned his violent and highly abusive actions towards a woman he had been in a relationship with. He emphasized the impact of Young’s behavior on the young children who had to witness their mother’s attack. The judge acknowledged Young’s remorse when sober but highlighted his failure to handle alcohol responsibly, stating that he had not matured despite being 30 years old.

Young, residing in Swn Y Mor, St Davids, was sentenced to 15 months in prison for burglary and an additional three months, to be served consecutively, for sending malicious communications. He received a concurrent two-month sentence for both common assault offenses. Young also faced charges for possessing cannabis and a public order offense, but no additional penalty was imposed for these offenses. Furthermore, he was issued a three-year restraining order.