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Nut-thing wrong with that! Trees to be planted across the county

Fruit and nut tree sharing network launches to give free access to hundreds of varieties of trees in Pembrokeshire Project includes five “Mother Orchards” to be planted across the county this A new project, “Ein Coed”, (Our Trees) launches this winter with an aim to encourage people to share and grow fruit and nut trees for free all over Pembrokeshire.

And as part of it, hundreds of fruit and nut trees are being planted as “Mother Orchards” across the County.

The project, created by CARE’s Fruit and Bounty team, is based on the idea of offering or requesting cuttings or seeds from fruit and nut trees that are growing in the county.

Anyone with a fruit or nut tree will be able to offer cuttings when they prune their trees for example from apple trees or seeds of varieties that grow from seed, on the “Ein Coed” Facebook page.

Anyone that is looking for a particular variety of fruit or nut tree, can ask on that same Facebook page if any are available and if so, can arrange to collect them.

Not all fruit and nut trees grow well here, so to make it easier to access the best varieties, the project is planting six “Mother Orchards” across the county.

Each Mother Orchard will host a wide variety of fruit and nut trees with the aim of providing cuttings or seeds from those to anyone that would like them every year, by arrangement.

The Mother Orchards are at:
∙ Scolton Manor, Spittal
∙ Bon Camping, Roch
∙ One Planet Organics, Hebron
∙ Awel Y Mynydd, Llangolman
∙ Meigan Hill, Boncath
∙ Forest Garden CIC, Cardigan

Together they will offer cuttings from Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Damsons, Hazels, Chestnuts, Elders, Elaeagnus, Walnuts, Juneberry, edible Hawthorn, edible Rowan, Quinces, Almonds, Mulberries and a huge range of Forest Garden plants. All for free, for the public to grow on themselves.

All the varieties of trees in the Mother Orchards have been carefully selected because they are well-suited to our wetter, milder climate. Some are local, heritage varieties, others are from elsewhere but grow very well here.

If people aren’t sure how to grow trees from cuttings, CARE Is running some workshops in winter 2023 on how to prune trees and how to graft trees from cuttings.
Information on things and resources on how to propagate trees is available on the Ein Coed website: www.cwmarian.org.uk/eincoed

All exchanges of cuttings and seeds in Ein Coed are free and the whole enterprise is run on the principles of cooperation and kindness.